Automatic Control System
 Construction / Engineering
 Design constitution
Designed to store 40ft container, 20ft container and high cubic container inside the system which is 20-30 floor high
1-3 spans of container placing are applied from the elevator platform.
Different unit structures are applied for different types of the containers
RCD(Reverse circuit drill) method can be applied for the base construction
 Mechanical device structures
 UCW mechanical devices
It is a brand new concept of the latest technology to store and load containers using an automatic system.
 Structure of the Mechanical devices
The loader : Lifts containers from the yard truck and transfers to the APC
APC (Automatic Platform Car) : Carries the container in to the elevator location
Hydraulic lift : Lifts the container to the allocated rack position
Storing Device : Moves the container from the lift to store on the rack structure.
 UCW safety device
The overload prevention system
In the event of a hydraulic line is blocked. an excessive high pressure occurs.
A by-pass system protects the system from the event and an alarm alertssuperior system.
The Load-shock prevention system

An accumulator is installed to absorb excessive sudden high pressure from thepump. Also a counter balancing valves prevent a rapid drop of the main cylinder caused by sudden decline of the pressure, whichhappen, when the actuator converts a direction of the oil flow.

The reverse flow prevention system
A check valves are installed to prevent a malfunction of the system, whichcan be caused by a fluctuation of the pressure, when the oil flowis converted.
The optimum pressure setting device
A relief valve system sets the oil pressure of the hydraulic pumpthe pertinent pressure to use.
The oil flow quantity control system
A proportional valve system controls the speed of the actuator by controlling anoil flow quantity to adapt the system with it's own properties.
The vertical fall prevention system.
If an elevator exceeds limit velocity, caused by the malfunction of anor cut off of a pulling wire, the drop prevention device named the Governor is operated to prevent drop of the system.
The overload detector in the Loader.
The container picking-up equipment, the Loader, detects an exact weight of the container in the beginning of the lifting process to prevent a possible damages for theequipment and the structure of the system.
The moving unit crash prevention device
If the moving units pass their critical point, a brake system operates toprevent a breakaway or crash.
The Shock absorber.
If the brake system couldn't cover the units passing their critical points, theabsorber reduces the impact to the structure of the system.