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Container port
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Inland freight center
 Inland freight center
The inland container depot is large-sized logistics facility to build up the major logistics position in the whole country for reducing the distribution cost and preventing the congestion of logistics by delibering the freights in large quantities at a time. Moreover, the customs procedure of import-export goods is dealt with at a time in the inland container depot.

UCW system is eligible for the inland container depot. Inland container depot with UCW system needs smaller area than the existing one to warehouse and store container cargos and other freights. Although the volume of the freight suddenly increases, UCW system is easyto extend it's freights storage size. Trans-shipment containers which transfer to other locations can ve stored in UCW system until the transferring truck and the train arrive. When they arrives at the point of UCW system, the container is loaded more quickly and safely. UCW system will increase productivity and decrease waiting time and operating cost for both transport companies and terminal operators.