Development Background
 Future Prospect
 Applicable Sectors
Container port
Trans Rail sector
Inland freight center
Item Conventional CY UCW system
- Limited below 6 high stack
- 30 high stack
Yard Efficiency
- 11.91 Teu/100㎡*year
- 106.13 Teu/100㎡*year
- 16.7Van/Hr*RTGC
- 45Van/Hr*UCW Loader
- Not provided extension of free
storage period
- Long waiting time
- Provided extension of free
storage period
- No waiting time
- Manual work by labor
- Slow working speed and inaccuracy
- Frequent rehandling
- Unmanned automatic operation
- Increase 270% in productivity
- Minimized rehandling of containers
Yard facility
- Need a lot of transfer crane, stacker, and other devices
- Unnecessary transfer crane and  stacker storage by UCW Loader and Elevator devices
- Danger from storm or gale/Frequent
damage and safety accident
- Storage in the rack structure/ protecting deterioration by constant temperature and humidity
Operational Efficiency
- Frequent rehandling causes inefficiency and low productivity
- Remarkable reduction of operation costs and labor expenses
- Exceeded expenses in operation
and manpower
- Save operation cost 50%
- Reduce manpower 90%