Development Background
 Future Prospect
 Applicable Sectors
Container port
Trans Rail sector
Inland freight center
 Product Name
Commercial Name : Ultra-high Container Warehouse System (UCW)
National R&D project name : High Stack System (HSS)
[ Container terminal with conventional yard]
[ Container terminal with UCW system ]
 Outline of UCW System

Automatic system for safekeeping, warehousing & delivering containers

Store standard containers in 20~30 floor rack-structure
Fully automated intellectual system

Safe working environment

 Core Technology
Intellectual container storage and warehouse system
High-tech intellectual automatic control & warehouse management program
 Efficiency of technology
Ultra-high intellectual warehousing system resolves limited yard space at container terminal
Logistics cost can be saved by that Industrial & logistics facilities can be placed inside of UCW
as on-dock type
Safe & stable logistics allow reliable service
Reduce operation cost by unmanned automated UCW system

UCW allows faster operation to handle mass containers by mega sized containership

 Economical value
Land requirement is reduced by 90%
Save manpower cost up to 90% by full automation yard operation
Achieve higher profit by reducing annual operation & management cost 50%
Economical method of construct lead better profitability

Export effect as cash cow which is purpose of Next Generation Growth Engine business