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 Comapny History
 Intellectual Property Rights
Participate to government’s U-Port City project as core technology holder
Obtain “Certificate for national R&D project technology” from KORDI (Korea Ocean Research & Development institute)
09 Contract for Execution of UCW technology with KORDI
Final evaluation of technology and performance test by KIMST (Korea Institute of Maritime Science & Technology Promotion)
12 Completed construction and demonstration of UCW prototype
08 Signed 5th year of intellectual port logistics system (National R&D project)
07 Achieved international construction authorization
06 Selected as Busan innovative industry leading corporation
10 Obtain INNO-BIZ mark (Small and Medium Business Administration)
08 Signed 4th year of intellectual port logistics system (National R&D project)
02 Contract with Northern Metro freight complex terminal (KIDCO)
01 IHSS prototype construction began (Pusan East Container terminal
12 Start construction of UCW prototype and R&D center
08 Contracted "third term R&D business of the national policy"
12 Contract "second term R&D business of the national policy"


Selected as the company in "Next Generation Growth Engine Business" by the Republic of Korea
12 Inauguration of new CEO (Mr. Kim, Gyo-chul)
06 Held a UCW presentation of Presidential Committee on Northeast Asian Business Hub
01 Consortium contract with M+W Zander (Germany) for collaboration of R&D
12 Agreed a consortium with KDN (Korea Electric Power Data Network)
11 Obtain a certificate for safety of elevator tower of hydraulic lift type (Seoul 6-93)
10 Applicant international patents to major 32 countries (KR02/02236)
04 Obtained ISO 9001 Certificate (ISC, UK)
03 Establish EZ-INDUS corp. (CEO, MR. Jeon, Woo-gon)
05 Establish “UCW R&D Center”